Report Wizard

The Report Wizard makes it easy to build and distribute high quality, interactive Excel reports over http(s). Formula free with an easy to use interface, MerlinXL combines the best features of SmartView, web grids and FR studio functionality into  one product.

Smart View Wizard

The Smart View Wizard enhances the functionality of Oracle Smart View for HFM, and turns the passive cell based formula into a dynamic reporting and analysis tool.

Download  and evaluate the Smart View Wizard  for 1 month for free.

Intercompany Wizard

Let Excel functionality do the matching, sorting and filtering not available in standard HFM reports. The MerlinXL Intercompany Wizard displays intercompany reports in Excel in a format that helps the user identify and analyse genuine mismatches.

Instant Intercompany

The Instant Intercompany module allows administrators to schedule the generation of the MerlinXL  intercompany reports and display the intercompany matching reports in a browser or HFM workspace.


PowerPoint Wizard

Display Excel data in PowerPoint without the conventional OLE or SmartView links between Excel and PowerPoint.

This means the PowerPoint presentation and linked Excel workbook can be easily distributed.

Journal Wizard

Speed up the creation, editing and analysis of HFM journals using Excel as the journal interface. Link journal values to Excel cells and other functionality not available in the standard HFM journal interface.

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We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how the MerlinXL product suite can improve your Oracle HFM reporting. We are happy to arrange an online demo of any or all of the MerlinXL Wizard modules.