There was an error during installation – Location is not trusted


When selecting the vsto installation link you get the following error message


The location of the MerlinXL webservice needs to be added to the trusted locations of your browser.


Solution 1
1. Open a web browser

2. Select Tools | Internet Options

3. Select the Security tab

4. Select Trusted Sites

5. Enter the location of your webserver

6. Select Add and then Close

7. Try the MerlinXL installation again

Solution 2. If Solution 1 does not resolve the issue

1. Download the setup.exe file – add /install/setup.exe to the url of the install page
2. Right-click on the setup.exe in file explorer, and select Properties
3. In the Digital Signatures tab select the MerlinXL Ltd Signature
4. Select Details
5. Select View Certificate
6. Select Install Certificate
7. Select Current User then Next
8. Select the option: Place all certificates in the following store, then Browse
9. Select the Trusted Publishers store location, then OK
10. Select Next
11. Restart the browser (Edge or Explorer) and retry in the installation

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