Merlin tab not appearing in Excel

In Excel Options | Trust Center | Addins Ensure that Disable all Application Add-ins is not checked and also Require Application add-ins to be signed is not checked


After MerlinXL is installed the Merlin tab does not appear in Excel.


Check the following in Excel File Options:

In Add-Ins

  1. In the Manage Drop-Down ensure that MerlinXL is not in the Disabled Add-ins
  2. In the Manager Drop-Down. If MerlinXL is in COM Addins  ensure that it is ticked

In Trust Center | Trust Center Settings

In the Add-ins:

  1. Ensure that the Disable all Application Add-ins is not checked
  2. Ensure Require Application Add-Ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher is not checked

If you change the Trust Center setting you may need to uninstall MerlinXL in Control Panel | Programs and Features, then reinstall

You should also close Excel and reopen