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MerlinXL V7

Upgrade          – Just the MerlinXL.war file – for quick upgrades – drop in the Payara Autodeploy folder
Install Wizard – The Installation Wizard including the

Installation Wizard

The MerlinXL Installation Wizard installs the following components onto each EPM Webserver

Payara 5.193                      Java webserver (based on Glassfish). Alternative to Weblogic.

Coretto 8                            Alternative to the Oracle JDK.

MerlinXL Service                A Windows service to support the Payara Webserver.

MerlinXL Application         A JAVA application hosted on the Payara Webserver.

Roadmap- previous releases

Version: V7.0.0.60

Released: 10th November 2021

New     First release

 Version 7 is a brand new version of MerlinXL.

 It includes a new and improved Excel addin interface along with improved functionality, performance and training material.

See how the MerlinXL product suite can improve your Oracle HFM reporting

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.