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MerlinXL V7


Upgrade          – Just the MerlinXL.war file – for quick upgrades – drop in the Payara Autodeploy folder
Install Wizard – The Installation Wizard including the

 Upgrade for Payara 5 installations before 17th Feb 2023 click here

Installation Wizard

The MerlinXL Installation Wizard installs the following components onto each EPM Webserver

Payara 6.2023.2                      Java webserver (based on Glassfish). Alternative to Weblogic.

Coretto 11                            Alternative to the Oracle JDK.

MerlinXL Service                A Windows service to support the Payara Webserver.

MerlinXL Application         A JAVA application hosted on the Payara Webserver.

EPM Dependencies           Re-run installer after HFM upgrade

JarCopyScript                   Self-contained Batch file to copy jars

Roadmap- previous releases

Version: V7.0.0.60

Released: 10th November 2021

New     First release

 Version 7 is a brand new version of MerlinXL.

 It includes a new and improved Excel addin interface along with improved functionality, performance and training material.

See how the MerlinXL product suite can improve your Oracle HFM reporting

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.