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Smart View Wizard

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Smart View Wizard

The Smart View Wizard is a complementary product to Smart View for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). It is an Excel addin that will enhance and further develop the reporting functionality of any Smart View report. The Smart View Wizard adds dynamic drill-down analysis functionality to the Smart View cell based formula, turning Smart View into a powerful reporting and analysis tool.

Download now and try for free

The Smart View Wizard is a standalone Excel Addin that can be downloaded from the link above and evaluated for free for 1 month.

Once installed the enhanced functionality will be available on your existing Smart View reports allowing you to drill-down on your Smart View formulas, or create new adhoc analysis reports simply by right-clicking on an hsGetValue cell formula.

Video Demonstration

The Smart View Wizard can deliver significant benefits if you:

  • ● Need ways to analyse the data in your Smart View Reports
  • ● Spend too long building analysis reports that only get used once
  • ● Struggle to centralise and control Smart View reports across your organisation
  • ● Waste time as an organisation duplicating effort because all user builds similar reports
  • ● Find data submission with Smart View too convoluted

The Smart View Wizard has the following features:

  • ● Drill-down on Smart View formula
  • ● Automatically add and remove the Smart View formula
  • ● Share reports via a Report Library of key Smart View reports
  • ● Simplifies the data submission process via Smart View formula

What you will need

  • ● Excel 2010 – 2019
  • ● HFM Smart View addin
  • ● HFM metadata .xml extracted from the HFM workspace (ask your administrator)

Video Guides

When playing the video you can select the YouTube logo (bottom right of the video) to display the video controls and slider.