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Report Wizard

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Report Wizard

Report Wizard is a complementary product to Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). It is an Excel addin that will enhance and further develop the reporting functionality of any Oracle HFM implementation.

The Report Wizard combines the functionality and ease of use of Excel with the distribution capabilities of web reporting.

Report Wizard can deliver significant benefits if you are:
  • Looking to improve on your current level of reporting and analysis in Excel
  • Looking for a way to effectively manage the maintenance of your Excel reports
  • Struggling to centralise and control Excel reporting across your organisation
  • Wasting time as an organisation duplicating effort because all user builds similar reports
Report Wizard has the following features:
  • Formula free – no cell based formula
  • Distribute Excel reports over http(s)
  • Dynamic, interactive reports allow drill-down on rows or columns, or individual cells
  • Leverages the power of Excel, the HFM users favourite and best interface for data reporting and analysis


The Report Wizard offers a range of report building functionality to suit all capabilities.
  • The Report Library allows users to download prebuilt reports with just a couple of mouse-clicks
  • The Report Builder allows users to build their own report using elements in other reports
  • AdHoc report building functionality allows experienced users to build reports from a blank worksheet
  • The Data Table allows users to summarise large volumes of data by simply selecting the POV


The Report Wizard can also be used to do the following:
  • Submit data directly from Report Wizard reports to HFM
  • Read and write HFM cell text back to HFM
  • Drill-down to the journals impacting on any cell in the report
  • Run consolidation and process management functions from within the Report Wizard reports

The Report Wizard can also interact with your existing SmartView reports allowing you to drill-down on SmartView formulas

The Report Wizard has revolutionised the way I report on HFM and I can’t imagine how I managed without it. There is no doubt the level of reporting and analysis we do is far superior and much easier than it would be without the Report Wizard.

We have been using MerlinXL for over 10 years and it is a key tool in our HFM reporting process. Our users would not like to be without it

Group Reporting Manager, Mondi

Video Demonstration