Link HFM Data and Cell Text

Powerpoint Wizard

from Excel to PowerPoint

PowerPoint Wizard

The MerlinXL PowerPoint Wizard allows you to link PowerPoint shapes and text directly to Excel ranges without the restrictions of standard OLE links.  

The PowerPoint Wizard makes your presentations easier to edit and distribute without breaking links to the source Excel workbooks. 

We tried to use SmartView to link HFM data to PowerPoint but it was a slow process to update each month. With the PowerPoint Wizard I only have to think about getting the data into Excel and the Wizard does the rest - like magic!
Group Systems Manager
PowerPoint Wizard can deliver significant benefits if you:
  • Tried to use SmartView to link HFM data to PowerPoint via Excel
  • Copy and Paste Excel static Excel reports into PowerPoint that cannot be updated
  • Hard code HFM data values into PowerPoint because the SmartView approach is too fiddly
  • Want to use PowerPoint more in your reporting but are put off by  SmartView 
  • Want to use PowerPoint to collect and report commentary using HFM cell text
  • Distribute PowerPoint presentations over http(s) and email
HFM data and cell text can be linked to PowerPoint in a number of ways:
  • To a word in the middle of a sentence
  • To a shape (text box or place holder)
  • To a table cell
  • As an embedded(or linked)  Excel report
  • To PowerPoint charts
Update all linked data to the same background Point Of View

All the linked HFM data in a PowerPoint presentation can be updated to the same background POV using the MerlinXL PowerPoint ribbon. Presentations can be rolled forward to the next period simply by selecting the period in the ribbon. Or the presentation can be run for any entity in the HFM metadata without the need to rebuild the data links. Presentations with embedded Excel workbooks can be uploaded to the MerlinXL Presentation Library and distributed to any user over http(s), who can then run them for any POV to which they have Read access.