Use Excel as the interface

Journal Wizard

for HFM Journals

Journal Wizard

The MerlinXL Journal Wizard allows users to use Excel as the interface for HFM journals.

The Journal Wizard can download, edit, create and upload journals to HFM from Excel and offers functionality missing from the standard HFM journal interface and Journal Workbench

The Journal Wizard is now the tool we use for HFM Journals. Our users at head office particularly like the multi-period journals and the ability to link journal values to spreadsheet workings.
HFM Administrator

The Journal Wizard can deliver significant benefits if you:

  • ● Post a significant number of journals each period
  • ● Need to copy or roll forward journals from one period to another
  • ● Want to link journal values to Excel cells
  • ● Need to send journals and journal templates to other users
  • ● Want to post multiple journals at once
  • ● Have to post the same journal lines to multiple periods

Take full advantage of the power of Excel

  • ● Link the journal values to spreadsheet cells containing formula or HFM data to provide automatically updating journals
  • ● Save multiple journals in a workbook, and re-use again and again rolling forward from one period to the next
  • ● Distribute workbooks of journal templates over http(s) or via email
  • ● Post multiple journals with a single mouse-click

Immediate access to sophisticated journal reports and queries

  • ● Summarise the journals posted in a period
  • ● Analyse the impact of all journal lines in a period using powerful Excel based pivot tables
  • ● Drill-down on a report cell to see all the journal lines that have impacted on the cell

Video Demonstrations