Use Excel Functionality

Intercompany Wizard

to enhance the matching process

Intercompany Wizard

The Intercompany Wizard allows users to analyse intercompany matching data in an Excel workbook.

The Intercompany Wizard report extracts the intercompany data and uses Excel functionality to sort, match and filter the data before presenting the matching information in a format that has been designed to speed up the identification and analysis of genuine intercompany mismatches. The MerlinXL Intercompany Wizard report goes further than the standard HFM intercompany report by adding in a layer of financial intelligence onto the extracted data allowing users to easily separate the significant mismatches from those that net off

The Intercompany Wizard has transformed the way we manage our intercompany reporting and has saved us valuable time in our month end process.
Group Reporting Manager

Intercompany Wizard can deliver significant benefits if you:

  • ● Have a significant number of intercompany mismatches each period
  • ● Find the standard HFM intercompany reports limited
  • ● Have to rely on emails to chase up reasons and actions for mismatches
  • ● Want to run an intercompany report on all periods in the year at once
  • ● Need to analyse the mismatches in more detail than the  standard reports allow
  • ● Try to export intercompany data to Excel to build your own intercompany matching tool

Unique Features of the Intercompany Wizard

  • ● Drill-down on a mismatch to get the POV’s and local currency value of the component elements
  • ● Allocate reasons, actions and comments to each mismatch that are viewable by all users
  • ● Analyse the intercompany data in a pivot table and charts
  • ● Save report settings in a library for easy access and distribution

The Intercompany Wizard has a wide variety of report options:

  • ● Optionally: Extract local currency data and translate on the fly – so the application does not need to be consolidated
  • ● Optionally: Match on first parent entity, not on base entities
  • ● Optionally: Match based on a custom grouping of entities
  • ● Optionally: Include non-ICP entities and the [ICP None] member

Replace in-house VBA macros:

At many of our clients the Intercompany Wizard has replaced the  client’s own customisation attempts to automate the intercompany mismatch reporting process using VBA macros. The MerlinXL Intercompany Wizard has the following advantages over in-house VBA macros:

  • ● It has more powerful functionality as it uses VB.NET and the HFM API to extract the data (not SmartView)
  • ● It automatically updates for HFM metadata changes
  • ● It was developed by experienced programmers/ chartered accountants who specialise in Excel
  • ● The maintenance of the report and its code base is no longer the responsibility of the client
  • ● Updates for new versions of Excel and HFM are covered under the maintenance agreemen

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