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Instant Intercompany

The MerlinXL Instant Intercompany module provides the same easy to read intercompany report and all the functionality of the  Excel based Intercompany Wizard but in a browser interface. This means the intercompany report can be displayed in the HFM workspace as a linked report.

The Instant Intercompany module can be scheduled to extract the intercompany data to an offline database table, which means the intercompany report  is immediately available to users in the browser when required. Any number of users can view the same report at the same time, without the need for the HFM server to regenerate the report for each user.

We really like that reports can be scheduled and only needs to be generated once but any number of users can see it whenever they want without having to wait for HFM to prepare the report each time.
Group Finance Manager

Instant Intercompany can deliver significant benefits if you:

  • ● Have many users who need to review the intercompany reports
  • ● Wish to avoid stressing the server at key times, due to many intercompany reports being generated simultaneously
  • ● Have users who only view intercompany reports, so don’t need the MerlinXL Excel addin
  • ● Wish to capture reasons, actions and comments during the intercompany matching process
  • ● Wish to include Intercompany reports in the HFM workspace task list

Scheduled Report Generation

Administrators can schedule the frequency of the generation of the Instant Intercompany report, to ensure the efficiency of the HFM server processes, and power users can be given the ability to run the reports on demand.

With standard HFM Intercompany Reports, the report is generated each time a user runs the report which at month end can tie up server resources as many users try to run their intercompany reports at the same time.

With the Instant Intercompany module the data is extracted once, but can be viewed by any number of users simultaneously.

Filtered  security access to the data allows users to see both sides of the mismatch is they have read access to either party to the mismatch

For each user the report is filtered based on their security class access, and will only show a mismatch if the user has read access to at least one of the parties to the intercompany mismatch.  If the user does not have access to both entities in the mismatch, the mismatch is not included in their view of the report.

Flexible Report Scheduling

The Instant Intercompany module can be configured to automatically  generate a new report every 5 minutes during  key times during the month end process, and to only generate the report on demand after the month end process, and anything in between.

Reasons, Actions and Comments

A unique feature of the MerlinXL intercompany reports is the ability to record a reason and action against each mismatch, and also to write a short comment.

The comments and reasons are then saved with the mismatch item and viewable by all users who subsequently run the same report. This allows other users to see who is investigating each mismatch, reducing any duplication of effort and also allows managers to track the process of the intercompany matching process.

By sharing this information via the intercompany report the number of emails with attachments that need to be sent following up mismatch investigations is reduced.

Report Formats

The Instant Intercompany data can be presented in a number of different ways including and online Pivot table. The drill-down functionality matches that available in the Excel Intercompany Wizard.


By default a user must log in to HFM in order to view a report, but the reports can be configured to be available through a browser, outside of HFM without the need to log in, or require an HFM licence.

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