MerlinXL v6 for HFM


Payara        Webserver for the Java based HFM api
JDK 1.8      The latest version of the Oracle JDK. Just need the JDK not JRE

Coretto      Free alternative to the  Oracle JDK. 


Version: v6.0.3.x
Released: 29th July 2019

Improved  Journal List Performance

Fix  Saved Workspace Journal Filters

Fix  Number formats set in HFM workspace

Fix  Cell text Boxes


Fix  System Reports

Improved Debugging

Roadmap- Previous releases

Version: v6.0.1.5   Released: 17th April 2019

New   Journal Security Classes and Groups

Version: v6.0.0.0   Released: 17th January 2019

New   First release