MerlinXL v4 for HFM


Payara        Webserver for the Java based HFM api
JDK 1.8      The latest version of the Oracle JDK. Just need the JDK not JRE
IIS               Ensure ASP.NET4.5 dependency has been added in IIS Role

Version: v4.5.0.1
Released: 219th July 2019

Upgrade Improved Journal List

Fix Saved workspace Journal filter

Upgrade Handles number format settings in HFM Workspace

Upgrade .NET 4.6.1 for vsto client

Upgrade DevExpress 18.1 for Instant Intercompany

Fix Intercompany comments with mixed decimal separators

Fix Journal Groups and Journal Security Classes



Roadmap- Previous releases

Version: v4.4.0.0   Released: 6th August 2018

Update   Support for Data Wizard – Data Entry pack

Version: v4.3.6.1     Released: 17th July 2018

Fix   PVA Method Intercompany Comments

Fix    Interco Comments Roll Forward

Fix   Instant Intercompany with > 1000 Security Classes

Version: v4.3.5.2     24th April 2018

Fix         Instant Intercompany comments allow punctuation


Version: v4.3.5.1     26th March 2018

Fix         Activity log – regional formatting
Upgrade Journal Pivot letters customisation


Version: v4.3.3.1     1st November 2017

Upgrade Confirmation message before posting journals
Upgrade Submit/roll forward multiple intercompany comments
Upgrade Balance and Journal type columns in Journal List
New PowerPoint and Word Wizards

Version: v4.3.0.2     13th June 2017

Upgrade Support for PowerPoint Wizard
Upgrade Support for Websheets Preview
Fix Remove [Elimination] and [Proportion] journal access
Fix PeriodMinus when changing both Period and Year

v4205  10th December 2016

Fix Intercompany comments when using , as a decimal separator
Change translation of Parent/Contribution journals at parent currency
Change non-translation of FLOW and BALANCE accounts in Journal
Fixes for multi-tab multi-project reports
Fix for Cell comments functions
Fix for Intercompany Reasons with list separator other than , comma
Update Improvements to Instant Intercompany

v4202  31st October 2016

Update Online Activity Log reports. Dashboard report for Instant Intercompany
Update Improved Metadata build and download
Update Roll forward Intercompany comments to next period

v4200  9th September 2016

Update Activity logging
Update Security Groups
Update Separate Test vsto
Change .NET 4.5 for vsto
Upgrade DevExpress 16.1.5
Fix Metadata UTF16

v4100  2nd July 2016

Upgrade Includes Instant Intercompany module
Fix Access to member descriptions of no access entities (for interco)
Fix Decimal separator issue in Journals Update Currencies now included in Custom Dimensions in Treeview
Update Current dimension member used as default in Report Builder
Update Currencies in Custom dimensions
Update POV option inReport Builder
Upgrade Post blank journal lines
Upgrade Improved metadata search
Upgrade Specify OK System Changed text
Upgrade Increased Journal label length
Fix Journal pivot data lines scaling

v4003  19th April 2016

Fix Process Level colours
Fix OK System Changed and Translated Status
Fix User, Action, Time Keywords

v4001  18th March 2016

Fix First Parent option in Intercompany Reports
Update Customise displayed columns in Journal templates

v4000  1st March 2016

Update Released version Pre-release versions for testing