MerlinXL v2 for HFM and earlier

Version: v2.4.0.0
Released: 2nd July 2018


Allows more punctuation in Intercompany comments


Roadmap- Previous releases

v2.3.3.1      23rd October 2017


Added Multiple Intercompany comments Save & Rollforwrd

Added Journal balance and type columns to Journals List
Added Protect option for Intercompany reports
Confirmation message before posting journals



v2.3.0.2      13th June 2017

Update Includes PowerPoint Wizard

Fix Period Minus when changing both Period and Year

v2.2.0.4      20th January 2017

Update Option to add entity security class when a journal is created
Fix Numeric journal entities
Fix Add journal class
Fix System-reports2 & logging

v2.2.0.1      24th October 2016

Update Roll forward Intercompany comments to the next period
Update Option to enable Auto-Reversing Journals

v2.2.0.0      7th September 2016

Update Activity Logging
Fix HFM exchange rates
Fix Dynamic Intercompany Accounts
Update On_Workbook_Refresh macro

v2.1.4.1      12th August 2016

Fix Drill to Cell Text in Report Wizard Reports

v2.1.4.0      6th July 2016

Fix Journal sign in Journal Table

v2.1.3.9      27th May 2016

Update Added System Currencies to Custom dimensions
Fix Multi-period journal blank amount
Update POV option in Report Builder
Update Change restriction on POV sheet
Update submit blank journal rows
Update RESET_REPORTMODE function
Fix SmartView formula in Automation sheets
Fix Data tables without Pivot option
Update Cascading functionality in the Automation System Report
Update Custom journal template hidden columns
Update Performance improvement settings
Fix Interco Library reports parent entity

v2.1.2.3      13th January 2016

Fix Doesn’t open an extra workbook on startup
Update Supports journal pivot table automation
Fix Verify for Balanced only Journals
Fix Manual cell comments
Update Supports drill-down of short custom dimension names

v2.1.1.5      8th October 2015

Fix Unresponsiveness in Excel 2013 after large reports
Fix Excel 2013 only – ribbon becomes unresponsive on large reports
Fix SUBTRACT function for Interco with no data
Fix Closing Excel with a Personal.xlsb
Fix Journal pivot EXPENSE and LIABILITY types
Fix Report Wizard header formula = “”
Fix Cell comment on header cell
Update Debit and Credit columns on journal drill-down
Update PVA Method for Intercompany Wizard
Update Enhanced conversion process from MXL1
Fix Switch signs for Multi-period Journals and Jnl Pivots
Fix Cell Text  for

v2.1.0.2       5th May 2015

Update Supports all versions of HFM from 9.2 to
Update Excel 2007 now supports Journal Posting
Update Multi-period Intercompany reports
Update Pivot table functionality added to Data Tables
Update Journal Log report
Update Intercompany – option to suppress Non-ICP entities
Fix Selecting {CONNECTIONS} using the right-click menu
Fix Single click POV selection for base members
Fix Journal cell drill-down Fix Download PCA journals from Summary
Fix Post journals with invalid characters in username
Fix Drill to base to include duplicate entities