About MerlinXL

MerlinXL has two components:

  • Excel addin
  • Java Server Application

MerlinXL is an Excel Addin that connects via a webservice to the MerlinXL server component.

The MerlinXL server component communicates with Oracle HFM through the published JAVA API (Application Programming Interface).


Once the MerlinXL server component has been installed on the HFM server, using the MerlinXL Installation Wizard, a MerlinXL Excel Addin Installation page is available on your intranet.

Typically this url is very similar to your Oracle Workspace url.

A new MerlinXL user will access the internal MerlinXL Installation page, click on the Install button and the MerlinXL Excel addin will self-install.

The MerlinXL Excel addin is a special type of  certified Excel addin called a  VSTO, which means a standard HFM user can install it directly to their Excel from a web browser link without the need for admin rights.

Excel ribbon

Once the Excel addin is installed the user will have an extra menu item in their Excel Ribbon called MerlinXL.

Using the MerlinXL menu items the user will be able to connect to HFM using their standard HFM username and password.

All HFM actions and data pass through Shared Services security, so a user will have exactly the same provisioned access to functionality and data as they do through workspace or SmartView.

Oracle HFM Java API

The published Oracle HFM JAVA API enables developers to access HFM data and functionality. APIs are created to allow third parties to extend the functionality of the core product.

MerlinXL uses the API to add an alternative interface to HFM via Excel, and to provide new functionality based on years of experience of using HFM and other consolidation products.

Use Oracle HFM more effectively

MerlinXL was initially created in 2007 and has continued to develop right up to the present day adding new features based on the feedback of our customers. MerlinXL is built to help users of HFM perform their monthly and yearly close processes more efficiently.

See how the MerlinXL product suite can help you use Oracle HFM more effectively

See how the MerlinXL product suite can help you use Oracle HFM more effectively

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.

©2024 Merlinxl. All Rights Reserved.