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MerlinXL is a web based reporting system for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), but unlike other web reporting systems, the unique feature of MerlinXL is that it uses  Excel as the interface, instead of a web browser. Excel is the perfect tool for reporting and analysis, with powerful data manipulation and formatting functionality that is not available in a browser. By combining the best features of a web based reporting system with the power of Excel MerlinXL Report Wizard delivers high quality, yet dynamic and interactive HFM reports direct to the users Excel workbook. If you always look for the Export to Excel button in your web report, try MerlinXL; there is no need for an Export to Excel button.

With the MerlinXL Report Wizard there are no cell based formulas. The HFM data is added directly to the report. The MerlinXL interface is designed to deliver reports with just a few clicks, but powerful enough for HFM administrators to investigate to a level of detail not available in standard HFM. Using MerlinXL HFM Administrators can distribute Excel reports to all HFM users over http(s) ensuring consistency of reporting, reducing the duplication of effort and minimising maintenance. Our Wizard modules are designed to plug the functionality gaps we have identified over 15 years of HFM experience.

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