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MerlinXL is a web based reporting system for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), but unlike other web reporting systems, the unique feature of MerlinXL is that it uses the office product, Excel, PowerPoint or Word as the interface, instead of a web browser. Excel is the perfect tool for reporting and analysis, with powerful data manipulation and formatting functionality that is not available in a browser. By combining the best features of a web based reporting system with the power of Excel MerlinXL Report Wizard delivers high quality, yet dynamic and interactive HFM reports direct to the users Excel workbook. If you always look for the Export to Excel button in your web report, try MerlinXL; there is no need for an Export to Excel button.

With the MerlinXL Report Wizard there are no cell based formulas. The HFM data is added directly to the report. The MerlinXL interface is designed to deliver reports with just a few clicks, but powerful enough for HFM administrators to investigate to a level of detail not available in standard HFM. Using MerlinXL HFM Administrators can distribute Excel reports to all HFM users over http(s) ensuring consistency of reporting, reducing the duplication of effort and minimising maintenance. Our Wizard modules are designed to plug the functionality gaps we have identified over 15 years of HFM experience.

Our Products

The Report Wizard makes it easy to build and distribute high quality, interactive Excel reports over http(s). Formula free with an easy to use interface, MerlinXL combines the best features of SmartView, web grids and FR studio functionality into  one product.

Let Excel functionality do the matching, sorting and filtering not available in standard HFM reports. The MerlinXL Intercompany Wizard displays intercompany reports in Excel in a format that helps the user identify and analyse genuine mismatches.

Speed up the creation, editing and analysis of HFM journals using Excel as the journal interface. Link journal values to Excel cells and other functionality not available in the standard HFM journal interface.

Link objects  and text in PowerPoint directly to HFM data and cell text. Update embedded Excel reports in the PowerPoint presentation using the MerlinXL PowerPoint P.O.V. Ribbon.

Schedule the generation of the MerlinXL Intercompany report and display the result in a browser, including the HFM workspace. Add comments and reasons to each mismatch.

Insert links to HFM data and cell text into your Word document. Easily update the data using the MerlinXL POV ribbon in Word.  Refresh embedded Excel workbook reports, or Word charts automatically.


An overview of the key Report Wizard functionality. Length: 5 mins. Contains audio.  Hosted on YouTube

An overview of functionality and features. Duration: 4: 43  Contains Audio. Hosted on You Tube

An overview of the Journal Wizard. Duration 5:00. Contains audio. Hosted on YouTube

A simple introduction to the PowerPoint Wizard. Duration 3:18. Contains audio. Hosted on YouTube

Demonstration of the Instant Intercompany reports. Duration: 3: 30  Contains Audio. Hosted on You Tube

An introduction to the Word Wizard. Length: 6:13 mins. Contains audio.  Hosted on YouTube

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We offer onsite training for groups of users or online training for individuals. The MerlinXL interface is so intuitive and easy to use most users will be able to use the basic functionality without any training. However, administrators and power users will benefit from training to ensure they are familiar with all the powerful analysis functionality built into the standard MerlinXL reports.


Our managed helpdesk offers online support via email or online meetings. The MerlinXL online user guide has a comprehensive FAQ section as well as a library of “How to” videos.

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We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how the MerlinXL product suite can improve your Oracle HFM reporting. We are happy to arrange an online demo of any or all of the MerlinXL Wizard modules.

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We have a comprehensive library of resources covering all aspects of MerlinXL products. User guides, latest software downloads and loads more demonstration videos for you to watch if you get stuck.

Meet the team

Simon Martyn

Senior Developer

Simon designed the original MerlinXL whilst working as an HFM administrator for a UK plc in 2003. Since then the product suite and functionality have been redeveloped and refined over many iterations. Simon provides first line support and training.

Steve Knowles

Steve Knowles

Head of IT

Steve has been working with MerlinXL since 2007 and designed the web service and server installation procedures. Today he  looks after the MerlinXL servers and HFM installations. Steve installs and investigates new HFM releases.

Matthew Bowden

Matthew Bowden


Matthew started with MerlinXL in 2013 and has developed the Wizard Manager portal,  the Instant Intercompany Module and licence key generator. Matthew is very skilled in VB.NET, C# and SQL and also makes a great cup of tea.

Jose Alsina

Jose Alsina

Java Developer

Jose developed much of the Java script we use. He also developed a large part of the WebSheets module that  publishes interactive Excel reports to a browser, including the HFM workspace.

Patrick Cassidy

UI/UX Designer. Yoqona.com

Patrick built the first MerlinXL.com site in 2009 and also built this website. Patrick designed the Wizard icons that give MerlinXL its unique branding style.

Anna Rivers

Testing & Documentation, Train You Up Ltd

Anna is an experienced HFM trainer and helps us out when we are testing new features or new Wizard modules. Anna updates the MerlinXL User Guide and other documentation, and is also available to assist with training courses of MerlinXL and HFM.